Nowadays, it cost $120+ to pay a simple $20 fine.

They claim a good portion of that goes to a Law library. There are two problems with that: 1.) wherever this "Law Library" is at, we don't need it! We have the internet and 2.) The Courthouses in Western Kentucky don't operate in accordance with the law.

The Circuit Court Judges accept perjury

Circuit Court Judges don't let you testify espacially when they know you have ample evidence of Judicial misconduct, and extreme miscondut from various officials in the county.

Long story short the courts don't follow the law, therefore we don't need a "Law Library". As for anything else the fine (court cost - same thing) money is used for it's un-Constitutional either way. It's either SELECTIVE TAXATION (not legal) - they have selected you to pay more taxes than the next guy. If it's not selective taxation and "just part of the fine" then its a violation of the Eighth Amendment (regarding excessive fees and fines) of the U.S. Constitution. Whose Job is it to enforce your Constitutional Rights? That job belongs to you and others like you! It's a conflict of interest for the Judicial Conduct review board or even the Supreme Court to address Judicial misconduct. They are all members of the same Bar Association. The job is yours. Don't worry you are not alone!