All the evidence points to false arrest, false imprisonment, denial of due process, and the facilitation of an assault in a bid to get James to remove the truth from the internet and force him to enter a guilty plea.


Google Time Line Tracking James's whereabouts. Note his whereabouts were not in the direction of Jennifer Peeler's office.

Google Timeline tracking James

An affidavit from Johnny Samples - James' Dad. James' parents affirming that James left the courthouse with them.

Affidavit regarding incidents of unlawful retaliatory acts

A statement from a Sheriff's deputy affirming that James had left the courthouse with them and went the opposite direction of Jennifer Peeler's office. However, this Deputy seems to want to imply that James made threats aimed at the crooks from the Family Courtroom. Some believe that the Deputy wants to scare the evil women in a bid that they will stop being evil. Some say that the Deputy just wanted ill will towards the Dad because the Dad isn't staying silent about the harm they caused his children... Whatever the reason there is a video below of the conversation the Deputy referred to and there is no mention of Jennifer Peeler at all.

Statement from Deputy

A video containing the audio clip of the conversation that James had with an attorney. A deputy overheard this conversation and tried to twist it to scare the crooks from the family courtroom.  James also recorded a phone conversation that he had with Jennifer Peeler, explaining the statements that he had made were directed towards the meth-head that punched his son in the eye. This phone conversation happened just minutes before she filed a false police report.

Actual Material Evidence against James


In fact, James is offering $10,000 for any.

McCracken County used their typical tactics of unlawful arrest, unlawful imprisonment, facilitated assaults... to force an innocent man to plead guilty! ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE PROPER ACTION SHERIFF MATT CARTER?