Sheriff Matt Carter – I’d like to report some crimes

The backward and unlawful nature of Western KY Officials and Officers were vamped up following my efforts to have my children removed from what can be basically described as a Sheriff's Department-Established-Sting-Meth-House.

This hostile environment that my children were made to suffer, was created with the presence of a Confidential Informant that your agency used while neglecting to ensure that he stayed clean. The confidential informant is known as "Dirty" in meth circuits, AKA Billy Waynick in other meth circuits.

After requesting the safety of my children and then coming under attack I was confused. I was unaware that local officials and officers were responsible for the very things that I was reporting. My children and I endured many injustices. I started posting the truth online and criminal nature of the officials and officers in McCracken County vamped up even more so.

I endured physical assaults, false arrest, false incarceration, denied due process by the courts, and had CPS commit perjury on multiple occasions, and my children were affected by being in a nasty environment where they were neglected and abused by the very Meth-Head that your Department failed to ensure that he stayed clean!

   Your Department's failure to ensure my children's safety in the presence of the Meth-Head with a horrific history, the combined efforts of Officials and Officers to Cover-Up the unlawful misdeeds of your Department while attacking me for "exposing the truth in my bid to protect my children"...


 My complaint is against:

Rita Jenkins - Committed perjury by making a hideous claim that I attacked my ex-wife and one-year-old child by spraying them both in the face with pepper-spray even though CPS records clearly show that neither the child nor mother came into contact with the pepper spray and that the pepper spray was used, according to the CPS investigator: "to get her off of him and away from him".

Hon. Cynthia Sanderson - Denied me and my Children Due Process by accepting perjury from CPS and my ex-wife.

Hon. Deanna Henschel - Denied me Due Process by refusing to allow me to testify and present evidence.

Asst. Pros. Atty. Meredith Clymer - Committed perjury by saying that she "knows" there has been domestic violence against the "mother" by the "father". If she knows then that's because there is some form of evidence that supports it. I'll pay $10,000 for that evidence. Fact is the "Father" never used more force than necessary to get the "mother off of him and away from him. What Meredith Clymer actually did know is that the children were stuck in an abusive meth-house that benefited her, as she has used the Meth-Head-C.I. in cases like the one against Matthew Vernon Bradley, and many others. She knew exactly why the Samples family was trying to remove the children from that environment and she perjured herself further by stating that the only reason the Samples Family wanted the children out of there was for custody.

Det. Jesse Riddle - One of the main "handers" of Billy Waynick. He derelict in his duties to ensure that his C.I. stayed clean. He failed to remove my children from his Sheriff-Established-Meth-House, even after I sent emails advising him of the negligence and abuse of my children.

Sgt. Ben Green - Ben Green is one the "handler's" of Meth-Head Billy Waynick and is also responsible for not ensuring that his C.I. stayed clean. Sgt. Ben Green is also partly responsible for the facilitated assault that I endured in the McCracken County jail where I was advised to remove the websites from the internet.

Former Sheriff John Hayden - Sheriff Hayden may not have been aware of his subordinates derelicts and the unlawful arrest made by them, however, I sent John Hayden emails and called him asking him to get my children out of their child abusive Sting House. My emails went ignored for the most part and the suffering of my children continued. John Hayden and Billy Waynick were running buddies when they both lived in Princeton, KY. John Hayden recommended/approved Billy Waynick to be used as a confidential informant even though other agencies wouldn't use him in such a manner because, "Billy is too much trouble", as described by an agent from the Pennyrile Drug Task Force.

Attorney Jennifer Peeler - Was shown videos and other proofs regarding the condition that the McCracken County Sheriff's Department put my children and me in. She advised me to bring it all to the hearing. At the Emergency Custody Hearing, she advised that I should have never put the video online of Hon. Sanderson admitting to accepting perjury, she then refused to allow me (the children's Dad) a chance to testify or present evidence, Attorney Jennifer Peeler also refused to allow the children's granddad a chance to testify or present evidence.

Immediately after the hearing, she went to her office and called to conspire with Judge Henschel. Next, she called the police and when Officer Travis Counts arrived she conspired with him to file a false Police Report.

Paducah P.D. Officer Travis Counts - Conspired with Jennifer Peeler in filing a false police report. Officer Counts then proceeded to engage in my false imprisonment. The Paducah Police Department had a duty to investigate - he/they didn't. Instead, I was incarcerated, denied my blood pressure medicine, assaulted, advised to plead guilty and remove everything from the internet. I was again denied due process by Attorney Shannon Powers and Hon. Tim Kaltenbach.

Attorney Shannon Powers & John Alderdice - Lied to my Dad and I, regarding the details of the charges against me. According to Attorney Shannon Powers and John Alderdice; it was a McCracken County Sheriff's Deputy that was accusing me of making a threat against him. I had made both attorneys aware that I had a recording of the conversation they referenced from a recorder that I was wearing and had forgotten to turn off. That recorder ran for quite some time. Both Attorneys denied me a copy my Discovery for OVER 3 months in a bid to conceal the truth about the allegations in an attempt to conceal the crimes of Atty. Jennifer Peeler and Officer Travis Counts. Atty. Powers also refused to have the adults

Hon. Tim Kaltenbach -  I made Hon. Tim Kaltenbach aware of the fact that I had been denied a copy of Discovery for over 3 Months - thus denying me due process on two fronts 1.) due to a recent amendment to the Circuit Court "Local Rules" a defendant has to accept a "plea bargain" sooner than 5-days before his pretrial conference and 2.) it's astronomically more difficult to obtain the evidence required to prove your innocence over such a span. As retribution for exposing other McCracken County corruption, Hon. Tim Kaltenbach allowed the denial of Discovery for an additional 6 months. A total of 9 months of incarceration without knowing the details of the false allegations against me.

Deputy David King, - is an ex-coworker of one of the main people responsible for my children being stuck in an abusive meth environment. McCracken County Drug Task Force, Det. Jesse Riddle and Deputy David were deputies together on the Trigg County Sheriff's Department.

Det. Jesse Riddle went to work on the McCracken County Sheriff's Department and Deputy David King went to work on the Livingston County Sheriff's Department.

Livingston County is home of the Minit-Mart a store that was heavily hit by a shop-lifting Meth-Head Billy Waynick. A woman named Brandi Walker was the recipient of much of the stolen merchandise.

Brandi was also aware of the abuse and negligence that the Samples children suffered. She contacted me and told me about meth usage and thefts by Billy. I advised her to return the merchandise to the store and contact the Sheriff's Department and report the incident.

Brandi also went to a custody hearing to testify about the meth usage and so forth. Brandi then had her life threatened by Billy Waynick. Deputy David King refused to write a report about the death threat and then proceeded to make false allegations against me.

He accused me of filing a false police report and impersonating a peace officer. At a bail hearing, Deputy David King stated that I a was some sort of anti-terrorism instructor and engages in anti-terrorism measures in other countries. Deputy David King wasn't lying on that part and neither was I. As for Deputy David King refusing to file a report on the death threat of a woman and the false allegation by an officer that James filed a police report... that lines up rather well Deputy David King work history as he a long history of abuse of power and making false arrest and in all probability Deputy David King is a Youth Rapist from Clarksville, TN. Either way, Deputy David King should have never been employed by the Livingston County Sheriff's Office.

Birds of a feather flock together and there was no relief from the criminal activities by those responsible for the attacks on my children and me in-sight so on August 6, 2016, the day after I was released from jail after entering the bogus guilty pleas I flew out of the country to abate the continuous false arrest, assaults, denial of due process... I've tried numerous times to get your department to take appropriate action. I'm trying again.

I like to remind you of Title 5 of U.S. Code § 3331 "Oath of Office".

The Constitutional Rights of my Children and I have been grotesquely assaulted, most of it stems from the cover-up attempts - to cover up unlawfulness and negligence stemming from the McCracken County Sheriff's Office that put my children in harms way resulting in their abuse.

In the event that you, Sheriff Matt Carter aren't a party to a grotesque violation of the RICO Act. I ask that you start having reports filed and start making arrests against those that have attacked my Children and me!

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